Thymoma Surgery

Thymoma surgery refers to one of the preferred applications due to tumours seen in the part known as the thymus gland. While the thymus gland contributes to the defense system in the body until adolescence, it loses its function and shrinks. It is stated that if the thymus gland, which plays a role in the production of T-lymphocytes, grows and contains tumour cells, the health of the patient will be adversely affected.

Thymoma Surgery

The appearance of the thymoma problem will cause pressure on the trachea and coughs similar to bronchitis. A serious surgical application is needed for a thymus gland tumor that causes swelling and redness on the face in further stages.

What Are the Stages of Thymoma?

The stages of Thymoma disease, which is a thymus gland tumor, are different. In this context, it is noteworthy that the studies on when the surgical intervention will take place are carried out meticulously. The stages listed below will help you obtain basic information about when to perform surgical procedures.

  • In the first stage, it is seen that the tumour is in a limited area within a capsule,
  • In the second stage, the tumour separated from the capsule spreads to the surrounding fatty region,
  • In the third stage, a tumour spreading to the trachea, lungs and vessels is seen,
  • In the fourth stage, the pleura and distant organs are covered with tumours.

Since the stages directly affect the success of the surgical application, they should be handled meticulously. In this context, it is very important to start the treatment immediately after the diagnosis according to the stages.

Thymoma Surgery and Treatment Process

In order to remove the tumour originating from the thymus gland from the body and to have a healthy body, it is necessary to determine the stages first. After the stages are determined, the treatment is decided and a solution is applied without losing time.

The thymoma in the first and second stages must be surgically removed. There is no need for chemotherapy or radiotherapy for tumours in these stages. It is possible to achieve successful results with the realization of robotic surgery applications. For thymoma in stage 3, it is essential to apply chemotherapy first and then apply to thymoma surgery. Since stage 4 is the final stage, diffusion needs to be considered here. Generally, surgical applications are not applied.

Thymoma surgery is important for human life with its life-saving quality. However, early diagnosis and timely treatment provide more successful results against thymus gland tumors.