About Us

The treatment processes of our patients coming from abroad and the time they will spend in our country are important to us. Our expert staff will take special care of you so that you can have a unique experience in accommodation, welcome, transfer and the services we will offer you.

The World's Health Service
Is In Turkey Now

Turkey has been shining like a star in health tourism in recent years, thanks to world-class health care, personalized service, number of accredited health institutions and organizations, short waiting times, approved service quality, and geographically strategic location. With our understanding of quality service, comfortable contracted hotels, technological hospitals, our expert staff and transportation service, VIAS considers your health for you at every step.

Turkey has been a very popular location in health tourism in recent years, thanks to its health system and well-trained physicians. Thanks to the advanced accommodation services and the hospitable Turkish people, it is up to you to enjoy the cultural and historical heritage.

Our Mission

  • Providing high-quality service to patients from all walks of life.
  • To carry out studies that increase the employment rate.
  • To successfully represent our country in the international sector arena.
  • To implement practices that ensure the continuous development of our

Our Vision

  • Providing high-quality healthcare services to everyone with an equal and holistic approach.
  • To add color to our customers' treatment processes with modern
  • To provide high quality of life in sickness and health to all the people we serve.

Comfortable Health Service

We work to provide a reliable and comfortable health service from Turkey to the world, with our accommodation and transportation services, through contracts we have made with many health care providers.

As VIAS, we provide health services to the world from Turkey, one of the countries where health tourism is most preferred, with many contracted hotels and facilitate your treatment processes.