What are Health Tourism Services?

What are the health tourism services and exactly which treatments are included in these services has been a subject of great interest in recent years. As it is known, health tourism is travel to another country for treatment purposes. In recent years, it is very preferred especially for dental treatments and hair transplantation procedures. It is one of the countries where many visits are organized especially to our country for this purpose and many people are treated. In other words, we must state that we are a highly developed country in terms of health tourism.

What is the Purpose of Health Tourism?

Health tourism is a service offered to people who do not have sufficient health conditions in their own country or who are more advantageous to be treated in a different country. Thanks to health tourism, it is now much easier for people to access treatments. First of all, people who cannot get the treatment they want in their own country are treated as they want in a very comfortable way. In general terms, the level of development and possibilities of treatments are also increasing.
Health tourism is also very effective in the development of that country. A country’s development and taking its treatments one step further depend on such developments.

Health Tourism Services

Health tourism services have started to develop and become more comprehensive day by day. All over the world, health tourism is divided into different categories. These categories are;

Medical tourism: It includes surgeries and treatments performed in hospitals.
Thermal tourism: It is the type of tourism made in thermal facilities for the purpose of rest and rehabilitation.
Elderly and disabled tourism: It is the treatment option offered to elderly and disabled individuals both for treatment and socialization.
It is used in health tourism, hair transplantation, dental treatment, treatment of oncological diseases. Health tourism is highly preferred in our country, especially due to the developments in the field of oncology.

Turkey Health Tourism Services

Turkey is a highly preferred country in terms of health tourism services. There are serious developments in our country, especially in the treatment of some types of cancer. Patients from all over the world prefer for treatment and visit our country. Health tourism is very important and necessary for both our country and the world.

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