VATS Wedge Resection Lung Biopsy

VATS refers to one of the most preferred applications, which can be used for different purposes and especially for lung biopsy. It is preferred to view the inside of the thorax using a camera and to create the least damage. Due to the fact that it is a surgical technique, it has been possible to increase patient comfort thanks to VATS, which requires meticulousness.

VATS Wedge Resection Lung Biopsy

VATS, also known as Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery, is also referred to as thoracoscopic surgery in the medical literature. In this application, which is performed in the form of closed surgery, small incisions are entered, and solutions are applied with the help of imaging systems and monitors. Making small incisions and being a quality option compared to open surgery is one of the most ideal applications related to VATS.

VATS Wedge Resection

Since VATS is considered a very special application in terms of its usage and purpose, it is very valuable for providing special solutions. In this context, it becomes easier to intervene in many points in the lung region with VATS.

The practice known as VATS Wedge Resection is also known as lung biopsy. It is possible to achieve successful results within the framework of this application, which indicates the removal of a wedge-shaped piece from the lung. VATS wedge resection is one of the prominent options in order to overcome the health problems seen in the lungs.

Advantages of VATS Wedge Resection Lung Biopsy

VATS, which stands out with the maximum use of technological opportunities, draws attention in terms of use and advantages. In this context, it is possible to obtain more successful results in the thoracoscopic method, which is considered as an important part of robotic surgery, compared to the conventional options.

This method, which allows the patient to suffer less pain for biopsy procedures, also provides easier solutions for the surgeon. It should be stated that the range of motion is very wide thanks to the robot and imaging systems. Since a 3-dimensional image is obtained, it is possible for the surgeon to move easily as if he had reached the interior. In addition to Wedge Resection applications, many other applications can be performed with the thoracoscopic method. In this context, it is possible that a more successful treatment option will emerge.